The Beginning, Part I

I’m starting out a little behind, since we’ve actually been at this for three weeks now!

  • In our first few boxes, we received a LOT of lettuce. So we’ve been having some form of salad with pretty much every meal. This is excellent news for my ranch-loving children (and husband).
  • We’ve also gotten a lot of asparagus – nobody in our family likes it raw/crispy, so I typically just roast it like crazy at a high temp, with olive oil and sea salt. In our first box, we got a whole bunch of spring onions, so I tried roasting those with the asparagus. (They were absolutely delicious and very sweet!) I’m getting a little tired of that preparation, so I’m trying this variation this week: Baked Asparagus Fries with Roasted Garlic Aioli.
  • We’ve received fingerling and butterball potatoes – both very tasty. For the most part, I just roast these with olive oil and various herbs/spices. Sometimes I like to use this recipe from Andrea Dekker: Herbed Potato Wedges.
  • I will confess – I love rhubarb. Doused in sugar. That application works beautifully in this Rhubarb Streusel Bread. A few tweaks – I load it up with as much rhubarb as I can – 4 or more stalks. (It cooks down, so you may as well pack it in there!) I bake it for 45 minutes, and then I tent it with foil and let it go another 15 minutes. I’ve made like four loaves of this in past three weeks. In my most recent loaf, I totally forgot the streusel part, so we’ll see how that tastes…[update: still awesome]
  • In the very first box, we got more parsley than I think I’ve ever seen all at one time! I put the call out to my FB friends and Julie Hordyk saved the day with this recipe: Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce. We actually only used the sauce portion of the recipe, because we had chicken breasts on hand. Whenever I just need basic baked chicken breasts and I don’t want them to be all lame and dried out, this is the recipe I use: Baked Chicken Breasts.
  • We got a ton of radishes in the second box – way more than you could slice into a salad, etc. So I tried this recipe for Sauteed Radishes. I’ll be honest – it did not blow my hair back. In the reviews, people kept saying how “mild and sweet” they ended up. I kept checking throughout the cooking, and that bitterness was always there. I hit the pan with a little honey right at the end to kind of glaze everything, and I liked that. If I try the recipe again, I will be sure to slice radishes more thinly. Hopefully that extra contact with the hot pan with help sweeten things up a bit.
  • We got a huge bunch of swiss chard in the second box. We tried it two different ways, with great success! First, I thinly sliced the chard and put it in the bottom of my colander. Then I cooked up a pound of penne and drained it over the chard (wilting it). I served it with this sauce: Skinny Fettucine Alfredo. I modified the recipe a little by browning up a slice of bacon and using some of the bacon fat to make the roux. Nom nom nom. Next, I made this frittata: Light Swiss Chard Frittata. Dave is not typically a fan of eggs, and he even enjoyed it. I could have eaten the whole thing myself. I was out of Parmesan, so I substituted a little cheddar and a little feta. I also just used whole eggs. (We’re not trying to lighten things up too much around here.)

More info in the next post!!


2 Replies to “The Beginning, Part I”

  1. I realize it’s a little late for this season, but I’ve a couple delicious recipes for rhubarb, one for a dessert, the other for jam. Rave reviews every time. You want?


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